Friday, May 11, 2012

Enjoying Spring Lettuce

Remember our little salad seedlings.......

Can't believe it's already time, but thanks to my 'window' covering, we're enjoying spring
lettuce, straight from the garden. Every year I mark the day we've picked our first salad, tomato, & peppers.  It's kinda been my way of keeping note with the weather changes in Ohio.  Sooo...when someone says, "this weather's horrible. I won't have any veggies ripe." I'm usually the person that says, "No...actually we're right on time."  One year, I recall a certain somebody saying the tomatoes were late, when actually they were earlier than the year before. Anyway, today's treat was delicious. We enjoy it in the simplest form. Just a dash of salt, olive oil, & vinegar. This beautiful salad that has a green center & red tipped leaves is called Yugoslavian Red from The Cooks Garden. This salad goes good with sweets so you can easily pair it with raisins & blueberries with a honey based dressing. 
(I'll have to share that recipe some other time.)
Until then, to enjoying the fruits of our labor:) 

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