Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Project


Recently, I scored a deal on a wonderful, vintage, fabric that was literally a steal. (And by recently, I mean 2 months ago.) For a great price, I got 12 yards of this iridescent, lightweight, cotton fabric. Yellow flowers dance along with a green, soft flowing design. It's just beautiful. After being laundered, it sat, and sat, and sat, folded up on my craft table. It wasn't until I made that gray dress in the previous post that I thought it might be time to give another one a try, & maybe with more perfected skills? So....I have a couple patterns I'm playing around with & just thought I might share them with all of you. I'm voting towards the one in the middle but only because of the gathered bottom. The material is soo lightweight, it really would make the perfect retro style daydress. And, I had to show all of you the cutest pair of boots:)

Is this not the cutest salt & pepper shaker? I picked this up at my local garden center. They're held together by a little magnet. you can see they're pretty small. To cute not to share.

Happy Trails till next time:)

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