Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little World for Little People

It's May! This is the month for saying goodbye to frost, planting outdoors, & getting our patios & porches ready. It's time to take trips to your local greenhouse for plants & all sorts of goodies. So today, I give you a look into two fairy gardens my girls & I whipped together on a warm day. There's more to come as we'll have a few of these in places around our home.
We still have fences, chairs, & huts to use.

This particular one is a nice size for a table centerpiece outdoors. We used moss, grass, rocks, & forget me nots from our yard.

Our local greenhouse is booming with color. I just had to share how beautiful everything looked! There are so many choices when creating these little worlds.

And this is what we came home with:) A little bit of everything!

I used an old wine box for the base.

This is a great spring time project. By mid-summer, they will be overflowing:)
Don't forget to use fabric scraps for a flag, wooden bobbins, & marbles for magic. All kids can have a blast creating these little worlds:)
Happy Trails to fairy gardens!

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