Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Pink Books & Inspiration

I can't believe it's already the end of April! I feel like this year is flying by. There are so many fun things I want to post & share that today, I'm bundling a two in one:) For starters, I had to share two great books for kids. The first is The Girls' Book of Glamour, A Guide to Being a Goddess. We were at TjMaxx when my daughter stumbled across a pink book & could not put it down. Through the kids department, women's, & shoes, my little one held onto it while reading pages here & there. Who doesn't love watching their kids read? So of course, I checked it out & had to buy it once I read a couple pages myself. A bit humorous, & detailed with all things girly, I could see why she fell in love with it & wanted to continue reading. Let me say, this book kept her up all night & when we awoke in the daughter had a menu of all 'healthy' meals I was to prepare:) It comes complete with craft projects that we're going to try & post to the blog to great things girls can do to keep their clothes smelling wonderful & hair looking marvelous.  The funnies range from 'how to cry at a wedding' to 'how to descend a staircase gracefully'. Before I knew it, she had read more than half! Yahoo for reading!!!

Love this!

The next book was an amazing art book she got from her school library. It shows your little one how to draw nature's various items. I love the mushroom & think it would make a great embroidery pattern.....(Maybe I should get started on that.) Take a look at some of the great pages.

Anyway... I said something about a two in one post... Well, I want to share a few beautiful pictures that include a fairy home we found, a hill of flowers, & nature waking up from a deep sleep.

We'll have to come back to the fairy home to check for any changes..... ;)

And.....look how big our Charlie is getting:)

To happy reading & inspiration!

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