Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Blue Bag

For the love of all things blue.......

What's more perfect for Spring than a blue handbag?
What do you think? Something bright & colorful to update your accessories. Sure...why not?
So let's get started!

Making your own patterns could be a little tricky. But, I think you'll have fun with this one.
I start all my patterns by sketching on plain, old tissue paper.
At that price, mistakes are always okay.
I folded the tissue paper in half twice and measured 8 1/4 inches out at the top, 5.5 inches out at the bottom, & 9inches for depth. (I fold it half twice in case it tears.)
I connected them with soft arches to create the sides.

When cut and unfolded, I was left with a wide bag pattern with a raised point in the center.
This allows me to create pleats that will leave a soft, continuous arch.

I cut my material & pinned the pleats in place.  I didn't want to sew them because I used a
corduroy fabric. (Folds look better.)

After your pleats are pinned, use that as the pattern for your lining.
In my case, I used a beautiful fat quarter folded in half.
I love putting things together that don't match...... & making them match.
It's fun to see something unexpected:)

First, serge the top of each piece separately. Next, serge the lining together with right sides facing each other; connecting the arches & keeping the top portion open. I pinned the pieces while serging to make sure that they wouldn't move out of alignment.
Do the same with the 'blue' pieces.

Now, you should have two separate bags. Reverse the pleated blue bag so that it's right side facing out & remove the pins. Stick your lining inside. You don't have to reverse the lining because it is already facing the right way.

Remember my homemade bias tape? Yay!!! I finally got to use it:)

I made my own straps with the same polka dot fabric. I stitched three rows to
reinforce strength.
You can make your straps any length. I just like something to fit around my elbow.
For me, this was 20inches, which includes seam allowance.

Stitch them all together with your straps facing down. You can cheat and stitch them together before the bias tape is in place. It'll just make sure your two bags don't stray from each other during sewing.
After your bias, fold the straps upward & restitch following the same line.

Look at your bag!
I took apart a couple silk flowers to create one giant pin.
Just the perfect touch! 

I love the contrast.

 I hope you enjoyed this fun & easy project. Now, all your fabric remnants will be put to good use!
Don't forget.....when you create your own pattern, your able to create the perfect size.
It will be a handbag made just for you!
Happy Trails:)

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