Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Succulents are amazing plants. We know they hold water in their leaves, stems, & roots for a long period of time & have the ability to withstand heat & droughts. Our most common are the 'hen & chick' plants, aloe vera, & cactus.  But today, I wanted to show you two succulents that found retreat in our home that are a must have. They are beautiful and we call them our 'green waterfalls'. I love the way they look and bring warmth to a mess below.....;)

String of Pearls

String of Bananas
These two delights have a place right above our kitchen sink where they get plenty of light & steam. There have been many days when I've checked the soil & it's been completely dried out. (But the plants still look amazing.)  They both have the ability to flower but I haven't gotten to enjoy it yet. I was told that the string of bananas have a cinnamon smell when they bloom. I can't wait!

Here are a couple of things you should know before purchasing your succulents. Do not purchase any 'yellowing' plants. This means they have had too much water and most likely will not survive.  In the winter time, you want to keep them on the cooler side (65 degrees) and minimize their watering schedule. This will help blooms unfold in the spring and summer months. Keep them dangling and free! Your plant is more likely to thrive when it has the space to do so. They are very easy to propagate. If your string plants become too 'leggy', trim them. It won't hurt the plant and you can even place some of the healthy strings back into the soil to create a fuller plant. They can outgrow the pot, so remember to use cactus soil mix. And last.....less water is better than more water.

Hope you enjoy & give these succulents are try!

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