Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ruffles, Squares, & Lace

Everyone is getting their wardrobes ready for the summer weather. And while some of us don't mind to splurge, others are looking for ways to save money. This is where I step in:) As a mom of girls, we know that things can get pretty pricey as they develop their own style.  So I took it upon myself to grab those old tanks and add some style. We've seen this look for sometime and it really is adorable. All you need is an old top and some fabric remnants!

I took a basic 'hanes' tank and a old mini scarf that's been laying around.

I stitched one side, running a straight line while keeping the stitch length at the longest setting
so that I could pull one of my two threads to create the ruffles.  If you keep
your stitch length the usual 2.5, you'll have a harder time pulling to create the frills.

I pinned the ruffle upwards so that you would only see a clean finish when being worn.

After I saw how cute this came out, I had to grab one of my tanks and play around.

Here, I had an uneven scrap strip of really bright and beautiful fabric.
I cut it into a whole bunch of uneven squares. After being washed, this will give that frayed look.

I stitched the squares together the same as the ruffles.
My sewing machine was programmed on the
longest stitch, (5.0), and I left a little room between each square so that when I 'pulled' for
the ruffles, they aligned better.

Take a look at how cute your new top will look!

Lace works great too!
Because it is more intricate, I made pleats instead.

Double up the layers for a really cute top!

Hope you enjoyed this easy way to get more out of your clothes!
Now you can save money & look stylish:)
Happy Trails:)

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