Monday, April 16, 2012

The Honeycomb Dress

I have had a finished apron, ready for listing for sometime. It has been sitting on my craft table, waiting to be photographed. And every sunny day that has gone by, I've had a million other things I've been destined to do. Except for today.  It was gorgeous, warm & sunny.....& guess what? I had nothing else to do! Hip, hip, hooray! So off I went, with my two little helpers. One, a designated assistant & camera holder,  & two, the model & oooohhh what a model she was. I had her sport the Amy Butler honeycomb fabric dress I made for her last year, 'because it matches so perfectly mom.' (I did not use a pattern for this dress.) So, yeah, I'm pretty proud of how beautiful it turned out:) And of course I had to share it with you!

The skirt is made up of two large pieces of fabric that were folded to have pleats.
The upper portion consisted of your typical dress top, just without the sleeves.
Instead, I did fabric ties, so much easier and versatile. A side zipper was used along with
bias tape for a clean finish.

And after spending the afternoon with my gals, I came back to find the UPS Santa left me a present:) How lucky was I? Check out the great bundle of new fabrics. I can't wait to start some new projects & see what I'll come up with!

I love this retro style safety pin fabric!

Happy Sewing!

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