Monday, March 12, 2012

Never enough skirts

A girl can never have enough skirts. Right? Or at least that's what I'm telling my girls. Skirts are the most versatile piece of a woman's closet. With the mere change of your top and shoes, your skirt can go from park to party in a flash. Check out these two little numbers I made while enjoying the sunny day from my craft room.
I love my little Diva!

And yes, I made the hat as well:) Keep eyes on the Etsy shop for those additions
coming soon!

Warm weather is all about the bright colors we lost during winter. And inevitably, Spring will be here before we know it. My green "Spring" skirt was actually a dress that my little, little one outgrew. Because of the size, I obviously had to add material to the bottom.  It was just too beautiful and vibrant, it had to be re-used.  Originally planned to be a shoulder bag, I thought, "Ahhh, forget it." Why? You ask... Because we can never have enough skirts!

No matter what, always remember to do the hem last.
It allows for mistakes and adds a professional finish.

I think everyone should make a Spring/Summer skirt. Pull out those sewing machines and head to your nearest fabric store. Get two coordinating fabrics, elastic, & thread. You can follow a pattern or there are some great on-line tutorials that'll help you get the project going. I love for their "lazy days skirt" free pattern. Even though it's for little girls, it shows you the simple concept of how a skirt with elastic is made. Nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of creating a one of a kind! Once you see that the 'rectangles' are super easy to piece together, your closet will grow immensely. To happy sewing!

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