Friday, March 2, 2012

For the Love of Crepes

For the love of crepes, that's what this is! Originating from France, crepes are a must with any meal. And what is more important than a fool proof recipe? I am letting you know my simple secret about crepes. No pitching the first one in the trash can with this recipe. (Those of you that have made these before, know what i'm talking about.) The secret is not only in the simplicity of it, but the heat and size pan it requires. So on with the info:

2 eggs, beaten
3 cups 2% reduced fat milk
2 cups flour

That's it! - no joke!

I use Wolfgang Pucks stainless steel 10" omelette pan. I don't recommend using a non-stick pan because for me, it did stick. (I think it has something to do with the way the heat travels.)  I have a four burner gas stove. I use the 2nd largest burner size. My flame from start to finish is a consistant medium to low flame. Cooking crepes is not fast fyi. You should let your pan heat up prior to your first pour. And always make sure you use non stick spray as your heating your pan up (it helps gauge your heat level a little better) and inbetween pours. After your first pour which is a soup ladle size, hold your pan and move batter in a circular motion until large circle is formed. When your edges start to curl upwards, use a fork to loosen crepe and flip it!  This recipe makes 11 delicious crepes. We love ours with rosehip jam, sugar, and walnuts.  

Hope you enjoy!

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