Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mini Table Runner

I'm pretty sure all of you can see by now, I love to sew.  And.... I love to have a bazillion projects going on at once. Anyone who checks out the Etsy shop will notice a couple new items, plus whatever's featured on this blog. Maybe, they think to themselves, "how much time does she have?" But, the truth is, I start 500 things and work on them a little at a time, so sometimes I'm able to finish 3 projects in one day. I wanted to post this mini table runner, for one, how cute it is, and two, how fast it was to create. It literally took all of an hour and couple minutes to make. When everything is pre-cut, projects move very fast. (Meanwhile, I know you all have read about my scrappy quilt and yes, I'm still working on it. Maybe subconsciously this was a preliminary - "let's see how it goes thing".) Still.... I had so many remnants of beautiful fabrics, I didn't want to use them as 'scraps'. I made a bunch of 5" squares instead. Now.... I really would consider this my first attempt at quilting, even though it has no batting in between and I did not top stitch.  It still came out beautiful. My biggest critics, my children, love it & my seven year old wants it to decorate her dresser. I am truly the most flattered when I hear, "Mama, can I have it?" So on with the photos!

Laying out the 27 blocks- I used a yellow floral, geometric fabric for the backing.

I started by sewing the 9 blocks together, creating each row.
Next, I stitched the rows together. When combining the back piece to the front,
I placed right sides together and left the ends, (12.5 inch sides), open.
Then, I reversed the runner to the right side, pressed and stitched the
ends closed.

Pretty enough for the kitchen table for some Spring decor,
wouldn't you say?

The completed mini runner is 12.5" by 38.5". (This was with a 1/4" seam throughout.) It was fun to work with laying out the pieces and sewing them together. I hope this inspired you to make a spring table runner and brighten up your homes, just as it did mine! To happy sewing!

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