Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bias Tape Bound

Bias Tape - A narrow strip of fabric, cut on
the cross grain.

Remember the first time you learned about something you thought was 'tough', & wasn't?  Or, how great that feeling was when you finally got the concept of how something was created? Awhile ago, I had a dear friend tell me all about bias tape and how simple it was to make. It wasn't until I started different sewing projects that I realized how important it really is. From finishing edges to adding a retro flair, I am truly in love with this amazing little thing.

So, I thought I'd share with you something you already knew.... There are not that many fabric choices for bias tape! I want to give a big THANKS to The Colette Sewing Handbook for breaking this down into easy steps. Sarai Mitnick gives us a hands-on way of looking at fabric & through folding and sewing, we are able to achieve making our own trim. Best of all, you don't even need alot of fabric.

Pay attention to matching those lines up. (And don't forget to offset the first row.)
 This bias tape is 2" wide to fit the little gadget below.
 I wanted to post it to show how tricky it looks.
Check out the website for the on-line tutorial. It's great too!

This little tool saves a TON of time, and at 7 bucks, you can't beat it!
Just iron as you pull!

My finished product!

So happy with my polka dot bias tape:) I just can't wait to use it! For more fabric choices, I recommend using a fat quarter at your fabric store. They go anywhere from a buck to two. It's a price you can't beat!

I hope everyone had a great Saint Patrick's Day!
(sending you all a little Irish Blessing)

May you always have
walls for the winds
a roof for the rain
tea beside a fire
laughter to cheer you
those you love near you
and all your heart might desire!

Happy Trails:)

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