Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Fairy Garland

One of the greatest things about having little girls is that a part of me gets to stay young. From watching them play school to house & dress-up, everyday is a new adventure. I wanted to share with you a great project for spring. It inspired our girls to pretend they were fairies under a ribbon of flowers.  Be it for a party or bedroom, this super long fairy garland is a sure try for anyone. I think that you will really enjoy this fast, simple, & inexpensive project.

You will need 5 pieces of 9x12 felt, ribbon (uncut), pipe cleaners, wire cutters, a marker,
& a good pair of shears.

I used classic rainbow felt that was made from post-consumer recycled
plastic bottles. Hip, hip, hooray! And at less than a dollar a piece, who can beat that?

Divide your 9x12 felt into 2 inch sections.
Then from those, take 2 and cut them in half again, like the picture below. 

These 4 pieces will create 1 flower or 8 petals.
(And one 9x12 piece of felt can make 3 flowers.....Yes, we do math too:))
Fold each one of the four smaller rectangles in half.
Then, draw a petal onto the fold to keep them connected and cut.
I made a template to show you the basic shape, but you really don't need one.
By the end of this project, you'll be making petals with your eyes closed....;)

Place the four sets on top of each other and twist loosely with a pipe cleaner that has been cut in 1/2.

After your first initial twist to secure the flower petals together, start spreading them apart.
Refold the flowers onto each other as needed. You can do this by taking the petal 'behind' and pulling it slightly in front of the petal before it. When you get the shape desired, tighten the
pipe cleaners to a more secure & tighter twist.
(But don't cut off the excess pipe cleaners. You will need them to secure your
flowers to the garland.)

Look at your flower!!!
 Now make a whole bunch more!
After all your flowers are created, lay your ribbon out and place your flowers as you like.
Simply twist your pipe cleaner around the ribbon & flatten to secure!

With about a foot in between my flowers, I was able to create a 6 yard garland!!!

It was a fun project to make!
I hope everyone is inspired to play around and create their own garlands.
They're great for bedrooms, parties, & porches!
Hope you enjoyed, Happy Trails:)

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