Monday, May 19, 2014

A Bit of Sweetness

Ahh.... morning tea.... buttered toast and grape jelly.
Has it been so long since my last post? I sure hope not! Another wonderful birthday weekend has passed & I am proud to say I survived another tween sleepover party. Hooray! And this one proved educational to me.... I learned new nail polish techniques from my daughter and her friends. They were little creative artists using sponges, plastic cups, water, and toothpicks to get some really neat designs on their nails. 
Who thinks of these things?

Moving on.....
I have a few patterns I'm excited about pulling aside and starting. For example, this 80's style swimsuit below! Pattern C with the ruched sides has me thinking that it would be adorable in a vintage print. 
Can you say, lime green roses?  

And.... it turns out that the cost of vintage patterns are definitely on another rise. 
So flea market fans ~ take 'em as you find!

Looks to me like i'll be spending a little bit of time organizing and counting pieces!

Happy Trails till next time:)

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