Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prepping for February

I've done it. I think I officially went overboard. A much anticipated extravaganza hooked me at Joann's. It's like I lost crafting control. When time came, I found myself in line with yards of fabric, Valentine stickers, a wreath, ribbon, and scrapbooking items. But, I have good reason. Sale, sale, sale!

I'm sharing with you my finds and the main reason for my trip ~  Valentine's! Every year the girls & I make homemade Valentine's to pass out at school. After creating a couple, the girls choose which one they like best. This year's winners are.........

cupcakes and bookmarks!

They weren't too crazy about my take on "you give my heart that fuzzy feeling," 
(which sported real fuzzy fabric).
But I thought it was genius!

On another note~
My daughter's school project had me flipping through photo boxes and scrapbooks from years ago. They needed to collect a few pics to create a time line of how they've grown. A beautiful project indeed. This made me want to scrapbook all over again! Therefore... I just needed paper flowers and awesome stacks!

Plus.... another idea ~ paper quilting = awesome artwork for the girls bedrooms!

And the favorites:

Why can't these be fabric choices?
Ohh the items that inspire.....

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