Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Catch Up....

The Christmas tree is sloooowly coming down. All the beautiful ornaments have been put away.... A little bitter sweet as usual. An area once filled with the crisp smell of pine and look of glitter is now gone. Instead, an open space will be available with the possibility of anything to fill it. The home is recovering from a mish mash of Christmas meets birthdays x2! Multiple Santa figurines, birthday balloons, Christmas cards, garlands, and banners were displayed everywhere.  Why don't I hold back, you ask? .... Because when all is complete ~ the tidiness is that much sweeter.

The girls have finally gone back to school. The three extra days off on break were scrumptious as I'm sure we all can remember how good it felt to have a 'snow day'. (But this time they were 'sub zero' days.) In the midst of all the freezing and wind, all I could think about was which plants weren't going to survive the ice. Hence... the gardening catalogs have slowly made their presence. The seed orders have been placed, but you'll find no new veggies here. Just some pretty flowers I hope will take. Ya know... It's officially two months till I start seeds indoors! 

And our beautiful Amaryllis bloomed! Just lovin' the bright red!

On another note~ The sewing room is getting some much needed re-organizing as the holiday season took it's toll. Because let's face it, if it didn't have a 'spot' in the house, it somehow ended up in that particular room. As the girls say, "just put it in there". I have some gorgeous, bright aprons that will be making their way to the shop. But in the meantime, here's a sneak peek!

Till next time friends!

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