Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday Bunting

Hello 2014! I hope you all rang in the New Year with filled hearts and loved ones. Not only are we enjoying a snowy start ~ But look who turns 7 today! 

In celebration of my peanut's birthday, I just had to make some new birthday bunting. Pretty pinks & yellows seemed to fit her personality well. (Actually it's perfect for both girls!)  I was itching to get this project under way as soon as possible & wanted to show all of you how easy it is to make. All you need is some fabric, bias tape, and a pattern. For the 3/4 oval drops, I used Amy Butler's petal bag pattern and transferred it onto tissue paper. (I just love using patterns for other uses!) I also added about a centimeter so that after stitching, my finished piece was the actual size of the petal. But you could use medium size dishes or picture frames for your patterns. Just make sure to transfer them by tracing onto tissue paper first. For circle dishes, fold your pattern so that it creates a garland of soft half circles. 

I lined the printed fabric with a pastel, satin pink. This added a little weight too. If I had lined with quilting cotton, I would've used fusible interfacing to strengthen it. If you decide to line with satin, pin your pieces together in more than one spot because it will slide. After stitching, I snipped a little more with pinking shears so that when it was turned right side out, the edges would lay flat. You could tell by the pictures that I ended up making the bias tape too. Soft white flowers on cream fabric was just perfect to finish it off.

Bunting is so fun to make, especially when you get to use up all your remnants. I think I'm hooked! 
Isn't it just lovely?

Happy Trails to the Birthday girl and a New Year:)

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