Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's new?

Hey dolls! What have you all been up to? Here, we're enjoying the weather changes, slower days, and cooler nights. But that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. An Ebay score was delivered. Let's get sewing. Pepper love is in full effect. Lets get canning. Quince is starting to get harvested. Time to make jam. And a custom order is getting completed! Whew! So let's take a look at some pics!

The coolest thing was finally getting to bid on this pattern from the late 40's.
I came across a similar piece on one of those fashion history websites, printed out a picture and have been
on the lookout for it on Ebay for almost a year!

Sweet giant red peppers. That is a full size dinner plate just to give you an idea of how large these babies are!
They're going to get roasted on the grill and the hard skin will be peeled.
After... I'll add some evoo, crushed garlic, and fresh parsley from the garden.
This shall be a tasty addition to scrambled eggs in the a.m.

Ahh....Quince. Another yummy post shall follow soon
enough about the cool things that you could do with these!
Pretty aprons, all with similar hues are covering our craft table.
It's kinda like colorful candy for the eyes.


Love it when little hands help!  

And seed harvesting....Always making sure we get to enjoy the same colors next year!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer!
Happy Trails!


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