Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Finds

Every year after Labor Day, our neighborhood holds a "community sale". But it's more than that. One of my favorite things about this is the flea market that gets set up in front of the Elementary School. It always includes two loyal sellers who travel from Cleveland to set up shop right under some beautiful trees. (And every year, they receive a loyal Check out some of my favorite finds!


Clip on earrings from the 50's & 60's

3 yards of vintage fabric
My fave! This would make a perfect addition to an apron!
If it's vintage, I adore it. Especially the linens and needlework items. I grew up in a home with an avid crochet-er, my mom. There were always a ton of handmade items around the house ~ table clothes, doilies, and wall art. Growing up watching my mother spend hours, weeks, and even months on these items made me have a love and respect for them like no other piece of art. So... when I go to these flea markets and estate sales and I see that handmade crochet doilies or table runners are only a better believe I grab them. I would never have the guts to show you readers what has accumulated through the years but I will say it has become the driving force behind creating some 'upcycled' items.

And on another note:

Coming home from work to find a fairy circle is one of the coolest things ever! So happy to see my girls made a 'dance floor' for our winged friends:)

Till next time!

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