Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quince Love

Quince! Oh~ how we adore you!

Yummy jam is ready for tasting!

We've never had a turnout quite like this year. The trees were packed and as the weeks progressed, the weight of the fruit caused branches to bend down all the way to the grass. It was a beautiful sight.

Of course I made some yummy jam. My measurements: 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup water & 4 cups of pureed fruit. Instead of grating my quince, I used a food processor. Start at the stove top by bringing your sugar and water to a syrupy consistency. Peel the quince and submerge them in water and some fresh lemon juice to slow the darkening process. When all is peeled, you can start cutting apple slice sizes and placing them in the processor. Eliminate any seedy, dark, or tough areas. Add your puree to the simmering syrup and let it cook until the fruit softens and turns to a clear orange color. Let the jam completely cool before placing them into the jars. There are so many other ways to eat the fruit. And the best are sometimes in their simplest forms. Bake a quince and while it is still hot, add butter and sugar. It's a dessert all on it's own.

Here's a couple more awesome facts about quince:
~The fresh juice can help pancreatic insufficiency & asthma sufferers.
~Quince is packed with such a high percentage of fiber that it is used for
weight loss in many other countries.
~It helps alleviate morning sickness if eaten on an empty stomach.
~It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B17 & C.
~Drinking the juice can help alleviate eye problems & more gastro intestinal issues
such as ulcers, liver problems, colitis, and diarrhea.
~It is known as a natural way to lower cholesterol.
~The juice & pulp is good for those who are anemic.
~And the fruit has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer cells.

Hip, hip, hooray for quince!

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