Friday, September 6, 2013

National Sew Month


I can't believe it's a week into September and I haven't done a post about national sew month! (That is, until today.) I decided to share a little 'quickie' in hopes of sparing my daughter's favorite jeans. We just don't need any more shorts and floods could never do. So how about some cute capris?

To be quite honest, I have a tendency to eye ball how much I should cut.
I start with one leg and use the scrap to measure how much to cut off the second leg.
Using the scrap, measure the circumference and add 3/4 of an inch for serging.
This will be the length for the additional fabric.


I added some lace trim and made sure to serge or finish the added piece to prevent fraying prior to stitching them together. I also made note not to stitch right at the seam, but rather below it.
Then, fold your right sides inward and stitch the sides together.

Keep it inside out and place them over your denim pants.

Make sure to line up the seams and sew together!
Finish with your hem.

Pretty cute huh? And the best part...
The jeans have been saved!
On another note..... National sewing month has me thinking about machines, fabrics, needles, and threads. I've decided to take some time and re-organize my crafty doors to see.."what has happened to all my machine feet?" Here's to hoping September brings more time for stitching and do-it yourself projects!

Happy Trails till next time!

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