Thursday, April 25, 2013

Up & Coming

Amidst the blooming flowers and awakening trees, family life, a 'real' paying job, and preparing for our upcoming Orthodox Easter has kept me busy as a bee. Yes, the baskets are ready and so am I.  I was terribly excited to share an awesome pattern until the completed piece did not come out as desired. Do I dare show you a disappointing project? I probably should as I've been told and could pass along.... vintage patterns are a pain in the butt! I am also making note of posting some old time recipes from a couple cookbooks our lovely neighbor gave me from the 50's and 60's. (Of course on Clementine & Clove.) There are tons of recipes I can't wait to share. And... an unplanned trip to Joann's had me leaving with more fabric and more patterns.
What was a girl to do at only ninety-nine cents a piece! I love those sales!


Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine & blooms!
Happy Trails:)

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