Monday, April 29, 2013

An Unexpected Turn Out

A beautiful fabric, an adorable pattern, one disappointing project. How could it be? What went wrong? Should I try it again? I was soo excited to post this project until I deemed closer to finishing it and realized..."this is not going right." There are a few things that were wrong from the go, now that I look back. My fabric choice, although a beautiful pattern and cut on a bias draped beautifully, just didn't suit this project which should've been a light weight cotton instead of a blend. Next, I used an ultra lightweight cotton, see-thru for the lining. This was bad choice #2. For number 3 and so on, I'm blaming the pattern. When it came to attaching my lining to the floral fabric, the pattern didn't mention reversing the stitching side, where a zipper was 'supposed' to go. (Hence, if it's on the inside, your going to reverse it so that only face sides show.) A little confusing, I know, but the theory here is having no sewn edges showing.   And attaching the straps was a no-go from the beginning. You were supposed to sew the face and lining on the front thoroughly together leaving no area for the straps to be attached.  According to the instructions, it's okay 'cause they're going to be attached to the lace that you'll be adding. So... midway thru, I attached old bra straps I salvaged from this gorgeous mint green bra I used to have. Bottom line ~ Can I wear this? Yes, with a cardigan, it would look pretty cute.  It is comfy, fits good, but I just didn't like how the bra top attached to the skirt. It would be great if no stitching was visible. It called for top stitching the lining first, then folding the face fabric inward and top stitching again. Yuck! Why didn't the top portion extend longer to make room for serging or zig-zag stitching for a finished edge? To me, this is doomed if your darts are even slightly off, because it will be uneven no matter how hard you press and trim!  And..... that doesn't go to mention again, fabric choice. So why all the complaints? Because after it was all put together, the lining didn't 'sit' flat and needed to be cut out and re-stitched again. Here are a couple pics!




Well, here's the shocker. I am going to try it again. A stubborn Taurus, you could say. And here's the kicker ~ I want to do another blend fabric. There's a couple things I think I could tweak to suit my ideas better. Regardless.... it's all about the sizing right?
And I guess you could say this one fits pretty good!
Till next time!
Happy Trails:)

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