Thursday, April 4, 2013

Makeup Bag

The wrong way of doing things is what the title of this post should be. Yup, as a self-taught seamstress I've become a little stubborn over the years and refuse to spend time researching the correct way of making items....Hence, the make up bag. Here, one can find a really cute project, all by going about the wrong way of doing it ;) But it worked.... I needed one of these for storing some items and refused to pay the measly fifteen bucks at target. Why? Because I sew, I have fabric, and all those remnants could be put to use for a really cute one of a kind make up bag. So here we go!

You might recognize those adorable stripes from my first "strip & flip" quilt. Yes, these are the leftovers. I used a 9" zipper and cut my material 10 by 6.
Two additional pieces were cut out of pastel satin for the lining. I didn't measure the satin. I just used my outer fabric as a template and with a straight edge, I cut around it. Why satin? Of course because it's so feminine and I couldn't picture any other color. It was perfect & soft. Cut larger to allow wiggle room for errors.
I started by sewing the zipper, the 'invisible' way.
Make sure to iron the zipper after you've stitched it in place.
When sewn together, I ironed the satin hem in for a clean look
and stitched those pieces right on top too!

Looks a little sloppy right? Don't worry. Undo your zipper and pin your fabric together. Run it through your serger to combine the edges and again through your sewing machine for extra reinforcement.

Turn it inside out and your done! My finished make-up bag measures 9.5" by 5". This project is super quick taking less than two hours start to finish:) But this blog post is not over yet!

 Take a look at the start of an upcoming project. The summer table runner:)


All those quilting sites have me inspired! And... for those who haven't stopped at Etsy, I've uploaded new aprons. Yeah, you could say I've been a busy stitching bee!

Happy Trails:)

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