Sunday, February 3, 2013

The month of love and....

February... the month of love and cleaning is here.... Yes, I said love and cleaning. In this house, we've been itching to eliminate the old and refresh with some new.  A couple bright, kitchen items have managed to do the trick without breaking the bank. As for the kids, that's another story. Pinks and reds have wiggled their way in our home. From clothing to pencils and paper, you can totally tell Valentine's day is right around the corner.

A cute, quick project. The button tree. All you need is a piece of fabric, some buttons,
beads, hot glue gun, and a little paint for the trunk. There are so many of these available for purchase,
I thought it would be easy to make. And it is! Two more are in the works and we'll officially have new
wall art for the girl's room:)
And as I'm trying to keep the "pink" under control by avoiding trips to Target. (Ya know that section at the beginning of every store.... that after check-out you realize you bought pens, ribbon, chapstick, coloring books... etc. that you & your family really didn't need.) Guess what happens?
I strike another totally cool EBay find!
And yes.... this was not a need, but more of a must....

My heart melted when I saw these Rainbow Brite paper dolls in mint condition. I immediately recalled being a little girl, running in my old backyard, flying my Rainbow Brite kite in the warm, summer sun. And the cereal.... it was the best! What kind of mother would I be if I never made mention of who this amazing character was to my gals? So.... I made the purchase and decided to add this item to a little bin, called...."mom, we're bored." A re-introduction to paper dolls will be the perfect thing! Don't cha think?


And.... if you happen to be craving ginger, check out this cookie recipe at clementine & clove. I'm always up for a new ways of making our common treats & fell in love with this one for its minimized use of sugar. They are not extremely sweet, but they are super tasty.

Happy Trails!

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