Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting Ready

Spring is on its way. Almost a month to date! Can you feel it? Regardless of the inches of snow that had fallen overnight, I still can. You can tell by the new blog header I'm slowly turning towards the idea of leaving winter boots behind and moving towards the idea of gardening. We are lucky enough to have a couple beautiful plants blooming in our home right now. A Christmas cactus, African violets, begonia, cyclamen, & leaves match perfectly to the thread which makes me remember where inspiration truly comes from. I've been going through my basket o'seeds to see what I have forgotten all about and what I'd like to give a try to this year. I have to admit, I'm a little....50/50. I really don't feel like having tons of planting trays decorating our windows and counter tops. But it is such a beautiful thing to see hundreds of seeds burst to life right inside your home. The garden plan is already drawn out for 2013 & I've paid extra close attention to companion planting. We'll have to see if it really works.

And a couple new seeds: Jewel blend nasturtium (edible), mini carrots,
ornamental corn (edible) & more poppies. I've been wanting to add red & pink to
my border of peach poppies.
I've also been doing some 'green' reading from 1,001 Old Time Garden Tips & found a couple helpful things that are worth sharing.
* When ordering seeds via catalog....try to stick to those well-known and heirloom instead of the new. The quality is unknown & untried. Do you really have time to be a Guinea pig?
* In case you decide last minute to start seeds indoors and realize your 2 weeks behind, don't worry. Soak them in room temperature water for 24 hours & plant.
* Thinning your sprouted seeds are just as important as planting them.
*Soak beet & carrot seeds for a day. Roll in wood ash before planting for a better start.
* And last.... if one of your prized seedlings look a little tender. Snip the top leaves to give more strength to the stem.
Pretty neat... Wouldn't you say?
Happy Trails!

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