Thursday, February 21, 2013


Guess what has happened? A trip to Joann's to get some thread and 2 zippers has ended in nest and pendant making. Seriously? I felt like if I listed these in the Etsy shop, it would be unfair to not let those loyal readers know how it came to be, or better yet why. Before Christmas, I came across one of those beautiful nest necklaces and knew I just had to have one. It was great price, and in my head, I envisioned a small, delicate nest with two, pearled, pink eggs right in the center, to represent my lovelies and motherhood. I made the mistake by not inquiring about the size the nest would be. In the picture, it appeared tiny and fragile in shape. The seller even had a choice in size of eggs. I chose the smaller size as I imagined wearing it as a permanent piece of jewelry around my neck in the summer months. The wrapping was beautiful, but in all honesty, it was not what I had pictured. It was just too large and the backing is too ruff to be worn with a delicate knit top, (for fear of snagging). I still didn't want to send it back for a couple reasons. One, it was fairly inexpensive. Second, I thought that it was a little rude right before Christmas. And third, I made the purchase and felt that there was a bigger reason I should keep it. I should've questioned the size before buying. Right? Anyway... As I entered Joann's yesterday morning, I was drawn to the display of pastel beads. I still pictured wearing my nest necklace....just not the one I purchased. So a strip of pink beads later and some silver painted copper wire, I made a nest.

The wire gauge I chose is alot smaller as are the beads. I ended up making necklaces for my sister, mother, & a few close friends. The nest pendants escalated when I found beautiful vintage glass beads in a jar at home. They finally had a purpose! So.....obviously I don't need a dozen nest necklaces. It's time to share. I'll be shipping the small, nest pendants in tiny, handmade cotton bags. My pendant is currently being worn on a leather necklace for everyday wear that's soft. I love it! I got what I wanted and maybe this was the bigger reason for keeping the giant one. To remind me of the things I can do with my own two hands:)

Happy Trails:)

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