Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lamb Stew


There's a little Irish Pub in Cleveland that serves up some of the best lamb stew we've ever eaten. Topped with phyllo dough, this thick & hearty shepherd's pie packs a punch when it comes to a fulfilling flavor. Now most of the time, I'm not this gutsy but here it is. Check out my take on trying to re-create this delicious dish....

Salt, pepper, rosemary, & dash of parsley

Seasonal veggies - zucchini & tomatoes, (ahem...out of my garden....)
potatoes, onions & carrots

1 pound and a half of cubed lamb, lightly fried in olive oil

After your meat has cooked thru, add chicken stock, veggies, & seasoning.
Cover & cook for 3 hours on a low flame. What could be easier than that?
This is so incredibly tasty, you just gotta try it! It would be perfect for your crock pot too.
My better half and picky eaters couldn't get enough. Taste & aroma, it's perfect for those
inevitable cold weather days that are bound our way. 

On another wasn't like the Irish Pub's. A little close....but not exactly there
And I guess that's okay, (because next time, I'll enjoy it that much more.)
To attempting Irish stews!

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