Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Clean House

Am I the only one guilty of putting a few Halloween decorations away before today? Well, as horrible as it sounds, that's exactly what I did. Two reasons. Superstorm Sandy had me huddled in this home feeling like it's been raining forever & I was unusually late bringing our potted plants indoors this year. Finding them knocked over first thing in the morning gave me no choice. It was now or never. After an hour of repotting plants and giving everyone of them a new home next to a window, our home began to look like a greenhouse. Vines, succulents, & even a large mango tree have been relocated indoors. No question, there needed to be some decluttering. So... the window clings, gourds, skeletons, & a few witches made their way out. Ouch..... I know, I felt a little terrible but in hindsight it might have been the half a pot of coffee & a half a dozen pixie sticks that were the culprit;) Even our super funky Amy Butler black & green curtains in the family room were replaced with solid white cotton drapes. I gotta admit, for a woman who loves patterns I surprised myself. Plain white curtains?  But as soon as my eight year old said, "Wow mom, this looks soo serene" ~ I thought... mission accomplished.


Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! May you stay safe & warm on your trails to trick or treating!
As for me, I guess you can say I'm ready for November:) 

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