Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Leafy Project

I got my Country Living magazine for the month of November yesterday. The cover of the issue I received, ( 'cause you know they always have two ), was packed with DIY art with pressed leaves. I loved it! But I didn't feel like pressing. So I decided to do something really pretty, that would give me immediate results with white paint & stamping. Why white paint? Why not? It's my way of trying to find clarity in the mish mash of orange, blacks, & browns that have taken over our house! Plus....with white paint, the art might have a longer wall life. Here's how it went after a nice walk gathering leaves with my little ones.


I grabbed two fabrics. One, a white linen, that I will be making into another project & the second being a wool type grayish, green burlap. (The white on whites will be displayed in those needlepoint loops & I'm kinda debating on adding some white embroidery to the outer edges.) I used acrylic white paint on the under side where the leaf veins are most prominent. Your next step is a one shot deal. Place it directly over the area of choice and don't move it. Take another blank sheet and place that one over your leaf & press thoroughly. If you don't cover your leaf with another sheet, you run the risk of having a really light print. That was a self-taught lesson I've decided to share to save you a possible mistake:)

The white against the linen looks so delicate. I taped these against
the window to show you how distinct the prints can come out, even
with the same color.


Use a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric prints to a piece of thick cardboard, measured to your delight.
I ran a braided ribbon behind a set of three for a unique leafy piece of art in our foyer.

I love the white on white, but the burlap really pops. The best part, I made enough prints for a second set. Perfect for a gift! And what better to do with all the excess white paint and leaves than grab some colored construction paper and have the kids make leafy books. Fun with learning too!
To all those falling leaves!


  1. I really like those. I think I'll give it a try.

    1. Thanks! It's a fun project that has endless options:)