Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Red Scarf

There's a couple times a year that I enter a store....we'll call it "Bullseye"....and cannot leave without an abundance of items for one, I don't need, and second, have no purpose for, but will find one, because "gosh darn it, it's just too cute!" These days are based on Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and yup....I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day.  And as this day approaches, one cannot help but be indulged in all things red or pink. (In our house, it's glitter too!) I absolutely love the heart & rainbow pencils, the stickers, notepads and decorations. But....this year, I am trying to stick to my new years resolution..."If I don't need it....I don't buy it." (This only refers to house items, and regarding Joann fabric stores, this is null and void....hehehehe:))  So, in honor of the day dedicated to love, I am going to attempt creating posts that refer to that special day be it by color, texture, or just plain photography that I already have in our home and did not have to purchase. In the upcoming posts, I have a garland I created and will show how you can make one too, flowers made with felt, and new knitting projects.
One of the first things I had to share, for the month of February, was my first attempt and production of a scarf I did 6 years ago! I ended that sentence in exclamation due to shock that it really has been 6 years. I still love it, adore it, and wear it only on those 'special' days. Not because it is is not. Not because it is is not. But because it holds memories of warmth, happiness, and love. I created this when my oldest one was just two & I had our second one on the way. For that reason, I only wear it when I want to feel warmth or just need a pick me up:)

I saw this thread in the craft store and just had to have it! The beautiful deep red has subtle threads of blue and purple throughout.  

Then...I ended up making a second one, smaller, trying to practice my stitching.
I also made my daughter a little vest with a red ribbon. I'll have to go through the baby boxes
and find it. It really is a must share.

This itty-bitty scarf was my first try at crocheting for my little one.

It is simple stitching, but the colors and little fringe make it adorable.
Best thing, it was fit to her little size and I got to pick the softest yarn.
We still love it!

As I said before, I really can't believe how fast years go by. I thought by now I would have known more about knitting. The stand still is paid largely by the plethora of knowledge I 've gained with sewing. Therefore....I'll add it to my list of 'working on'. Hope you enjoyed, happy knitting & crocheting!

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