Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Heart Garland

This garland was sooo much fun to make was super easy! Why spend money on decorations when you can make them? Customize your garland with felt, paper, or different color combinations. The possibilities are endless. Use beads, silk flowers and even shiny plastic ribbon to wrap presents. For this project I used scrapbooking paper with coordinating colors. Start by taking your paper, or felt, and cut it into different sized squares. This is important because you will utilize the most of your paper. You want your hearts to have a small, medium, & large.

Next, fold them in 1/2 & cut out your hearts. You want the fold anyway, because it's a great way to line up all your hearts for sewing and it will make them 3 dimensional.

Sew them together! But be sure you leave a couple inches of thread at the top of each heart. You will need this extra thread to tie it to the garland.

This is what they should look like after you've re-folded them. The extra string at the bottom of the hearts can be cut off unless you want to get fancy and tie a bead at the bottom.

Take some yarn and cut it to the length you would like your garland to be. Space out all your hearts below the yarn for layout... and yup....those are my pink bunny slippers:) Next take your hearts and tie them to the yarn. It doesn't matter how it's tied as long as the hearts are not loose. Last, take your bias tape and place the yarn inside. You don't have to do the full garland. You can place it in as you sew the bias closed with your sewing machine. To finish up the ends, I make a loop with coordinating ribbon and use that as my 'hooks'. This is a really fun garland to make and it's super easy. Plus, the hearts move & rotate. It really is super special!

We love to create our own Valentine's! 

I had to post this pic! This is my little 'folder' of squares. When all was said and done, she had her own project she wanted to work on.

Hope you enjoyed this craft project. It's a great feeling when creation and inspiration meet. To happy crafting!

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