Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cloche Hat

Along with our new pup, came a computer virus that had us out of the loop for 72hours. I forgot how it felt not being 'connected' to the rest of the world. We had more family time, which is always wonderful, caught up on laundry, and got to sew sooo much more. today's post, I share with you The Cloche Hat, (which will be added to the etsy shop, hopefully sooner than later.) The hat comes in 3 different sizes, and this particular one uses the 23" size, which was right in between. I thank my little helpers for taking the pictures, as my wonderful husband was on doggy do-do business.

Now....this type of hat is early 1920's. I used a vintage pattern and studied it carefully prior to construction.  The crown is worn high on the head. Actually, there is a bit of room between the top of the head and inside of the crown. I wouldn't say my head is large, but.....I will be using more of the smaller sized patterns....hint, hint, for the little girls! I will is very warm and perfect for those sunny days. The brim is the perfect size! Hope you like:)

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