Friday, February 13, 2015

New Aprons

Oh February... everything about this month makes me want to sew with colorful fabrics! These two aprons were inspired by my adorable nieces who love to help their mama, (aka my beautiful sis)! 

I decided to do a little something different and make a two-tier skirt.  I added the lettering last since it's not machine stitched to the apron. (Gotta love Joann's!) Now, I have my own method for all the aprons (& items) I sell in the Etsy shop. (I guess you can say that I always felt like it was bad ju-ju to make money off of someone else's patterns.) Anyway, as I made these, I realized I need to make more of the these two tier skirts & recorded the measurements of fabric. They're adorable & they look even cuter on! Then.... of course, I went out of control with another "to-do" list of all the different styles & sizes you could make with the two-tiers. I guess you could say I'll be busy stitching till Summer:) 

On another note... I'm continually cutting up random snippets & blocks. Still overly-inspired by quilt making. I get the feeling this is not a short term thing with me. Here's a sneak peak another little something going on in the sewing room. 

I love the way these colors look together!

Happy Sewing till next time friends!!

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