Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Triangle Quilt

Okay people, let me start by saying, that I love this quilt. I ordered this fabric specifically with the intent of making a triangle quilt. And anyone that follows my pinterest boards would know, I'm in loooove with triangle quilts. I'm not sure if it's the graphics or what, but it's extremely pleasing to the eye ... my eye.

Fabric ~ Lotta Jansdotter.

Going on..... what i'm not thrilled about is the way the triangles came together.  As many of you know, I'm fairly new at 'quilting'. I've been sewing since middle school, ya know that home ec class that hooks you and makes you ask your parents for a sewing machine on your 14th birthday;) But... quilting involves ALOT of,  do I dare say it...... math. It also involves patience, soo much patience and understanding of the tools you buy. The latter, my friends, is what got me on this quilt.  

Ya see this lovely triangle template missing the points, especially the top? Well, if you've never used one of these & thought, "it's a triangle, how hard can this be?" (because they don't come with instructions), you will end up with a quilt that has exactly that : triangles with a center tip missing. Geesh..... go figure.

Sooo... why is it missing? I'm assuming to eliminate fabric bulkiness at the seams. But this too, has to be researched....

I'm still planning on finishing it up. It really is beautiful. And..... I think that I might even be able to pull this off as an intentional design. As for the triangle template > I got it down and have already pieced together a new quilt & guess what? The sections have sharp points!  Yahoo!!!

 If you're looking for good tips on how to work with triangles, check out The Sassy Quilter. What I liked about her tutorial? Her triangle tip (template) was cut off too!! (But i'm noticing that not many online fabric & quilting supply shops carry those missing point templates. Most of them are just regular shaped triangles. Makes you wonder.)
And last but not least, Connecting Threads has some great examples of how to get perfect points every time! Check it out! You'll learn about the importance of a positioning pin.

On another note: Is March really here? It's freeeeeeeeeeeezzzing in Ohio!!! But that doesn't mean you can't order seeds and plants from all those great gardening catalogs! They're arriving in the mail daily and every one is so inspiring :) 

Happy trails to triangle quilting and keep our hearts warm!

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