Monday, February 23, 2015

A Quilted Table Runner

So... here's the "I decided to do something I've never done / part 2" of fabric purchasing. 
Many of you know, my first part was buying a jelly roll which you can see here. But I also thought I'd finally buy some fabric squares. Riley Blake's Cottage Garden had all the colors I adore! I gotta admit, I'm a yardage kinda girl but what's better than eliminating an hour or more of cutting. The only downfall, falling in love with fabric patterns and you got only 5 x 5 inches of visual candy.

I placed random white strips in between the blocks to break it up.
This was the first, "let me see how quilting actually works without a long arm."
I pinned, I stabilized and stitched extra slow. 

In the end, pretty cute for a quick sewing project! (Even though I forgot to stitch around the perimeter!)
Of course my girls grabbed this right away and put it on their dresser:)
As they walked down the hall, I heard, " mom, when are you going to actually 'quilt' the other ones you've been working on?"
There's so much more I've started that I can't wait to share with everyone. I'm thinking that maybe I should rename this blog, "The Starting Quilter, what you thought you knew." The next post has me contemplating, do I really want to show everyone this? It's all about learning , right? And as far as I can tell, there are no shortcuts in piecing little bits of fabric together.

Happy trails to stitching & trying something new each time!

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