Monday, October 20, 2014

Infinity Scarf

Hello friends! Remember my last little post where I said "french seams = infinity scarves"?
Well, ta-da! Here you have it! The fool-proof way to create your own one of kind scarves that have a flawless finish. Let's start by asking....

What is a french seam?
A french seam is a seam with raw edges enclosed so that nothing that can fray is visible or loose. 

Once you try it, everything you make will have a french seam. I promise.

For this project, you will need a piece of fabric, something light weight of a cotton blend.
Cut it 20 inches wide by 54 inches long. (If you prefer a really loose scarf, length should be increased to 60 inches or longer.)

Start by finishing the "length" sides with a simple a tight stitch.
Fold in a tiny portion of fabric and sew. 

Fold it over again and stitch another straight line right on top of the one you just did. 
(This keeps the fray edge inside.)

Next, you will start your french seam.
Fold the scarf in half, wrong sides inward, so that the 20 inch sides meet. 
(The side that you will wear should be facing you.)
I know it sounds wrong, but it's not. 
Stitch the 20 inch sides together. I ended up serging my edge so that you can see.

Flip the scarf inside out so that now your seeing the wrong side and press.

 Stitch another row enclosing that raw edge so that it is no longer visible on the face side.
(This is what makes it soft when you wear it.)

This picture shows the "inner" part of the scarf.
Press the crease to one side and stitch again like below.

This is the part that makes the crease flat.

Now you can see that no matter how the scarf flips, the seam will always be enclosed with a crisp finish.

And of course I didn't make just one! 

Here's to keeping our necks warm in the wind:)
Till next time!

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