Monday, October 13, 2014

A Knit Cowl

Hey busy moms! I bet you you look at those crafty websites and think, "ya, only if I had time." Right? Well I promise you, this is one of the quickest knitting projects out there! 

All I did was make a row of 40 stitches and continued, keeping the knit side with the knit, & the purl side with the purl. 

Once I had my desired length, I folded it in half to make my "width". By using a crochet hook, I was able to gather the ends and make a cowl. How simple was that? This is a pretty fool proof method if you don't have the circular knitting needles available!

I added two pearled buttons with a needle and sewing thread.

I love the way this looks so much that I opted to start a little late night project of my own.
This gorgeous grayish blue was just too pretty to pass up.
(Except with this one, I'm going to do a little striped design by randomly doing knit & purl stitches together.)

On another note....
French seams = flawless infinity scarves (hopefully an upcoming post)
patterns galore thanks to Joann's awesome $0.99 sale!
(Looks like the girls are getting some more of mommy's creations.)

Till next time:)

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