Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Orange Wrap Dress

A pretty little number for a pretty girl!

As some of you might remember, I started this project way back in June. Yes, yes, procrastination is terrible thing. I can only blame other projects (like home renovating) for this one. And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.  But I need to say that this pattern was so simple to follow, I plan on making another one ~ possibly in a double knit or challis fabric. 

(These are just some of the images from the first post in June.)

Ta-da! The finished product! My gorgeous niece is modeling the perfect fit, which makes everyone happy, especially me! (Considering the pattern did not come with multiple size choices.) 
Another thing I love is that we opted
 for the side tie instead of the front, (which is what the pattern cover shows).
If I end up doing this in a challis, I might push for the front tie.
But, this time, I didn't want it to feel robe like.
Ya know?


At the end of all my projects, I write a 'what I'd do different next time' list.
Gotta say, for this one, nothing!
It came out so adorable that I want one in my size.
(Oh...pattern adjusting... I hope I get it right..)
The dress is the perfect combination of comfy & cute!

On another note....

Happy October!
This gorgeous season of changing leaves & perfect weather is oh-so inspiring!
I feel another roll of multiple projects starting up as I'm finding it pretty difficult to shake this quilting thing. (As I've said before, thanks alot Pinterest!) But in the meantime, I'm nearing completion of a little knitting project I did for my girls. A soft pastel infinity scarf with a simple knit stitch.
Can't wait to share that & much more!

Happy trails till next time:)

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