Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two nice surprises!

Guess who's the lucky recipient of Burdastyle's summer issue - Europe? Me! I was ecstatic when our friends came back from their trip to Greece saying they found something that I'd really like. Filled with complete patterns, I've been busy with this great magazine. Unlike our U.S. version, the magazine had many more 'dress' patterns. Two of my favorites are below!

Obviously, there will be an instruction barrier that I'll have to figure out.
But I have to admit, the drawings are pretty good and since I've pieced together some dresses, this definitely seems do-able! So excited to get started:)

How cute is this mommy & me matching dress?

On another note....

A trip to our barn to find paint stripper for this piece of furniture turned into something else.

For the curious, I'm thinking a turquoise for this baby!

In a cabinet that holds old paint cans and some art supplies from my college days, I found a little red, tin box.
Assuming my husband was using it for his tools and wanting to use it for myself, I opened it up only to find TONS of recipes from the 50's! How great is that? Turns out, our adorable neighbor & her hubby gave this to us, months ago, leaving the "home maker" in our open cabinet when it used to be in the garage. 
A slip of conversation & it was never brought up... until now.

The 'even better' moment was coming across the handwritten recipes in between the cards that had edges so crinkled, you know that they were 'tried and true'. 

Take a look at some of these retro coupon/recipe cards!

Pretty funny, wouldn't you say?

I admit, being ecstatic with this find, I immediately gave a recipe a try. Swing by Clementine & Clove to give a 'date torte' a try! So many things to do, so little time. And the cabinet.... of course it's still a work in progress!

Happy Trails to great surprises!

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