Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A New Room

Hello friends! I'm so excited about today's post! You're all wondering where I've been? Well, once you see the photos, you'll know I've been pre-occupied! Far from the norm, I usually don't post pictures of our home, however, the sewing room has received a major transformation and I couldn't be more than thrilled with the results. Take a look!

My previous room, (not pictured for many reasons), was crammed & over cluttered with fabrics, boxes, & miscellaneous items. I suspect it was so over cluttered that it was one of the main reasons I just didn't have the desire to stitch up too many new projects for the shop. You'd walk in and immediately lose your train of thought due to the bright colors that were in your face, coming from every direction. Cream carpeting was soft on your feet, but didn't serve me well when I needed a large 'flat' surface to cut on.

Use a tiered fruit basket for thread storage.
Keeps it visible & cute!
I used a vintage, green espresso cup to store
business cards.  Another great idea if you
have a mismatched set.

The new room is a soft shade of sea green where organizing work space was my first priority. The carpeting was replaced with hickory wood flooring, which is packed with grain design. Ya, for someone with an art degree it is pretty odd there is no artwork on the walls ~ but this was completely intentional. There is enough to stimulate the mind through trinkets, beautiful fabrics and project layouts. I didn't want the eye to travel elsewhere.

Hooray! My dress form has it's own spot now!

The most interesting thing was getting rid of 15lbs of fabric I had no use for. One of my guilty things - keeping old curtains, linens, and polyester fabrics just in case I went the upcycling route. In reality.... I was never going to use them. Ahh.... the weight has been lifted! A country girl at heart, I have a ton of baskets to help with storing fabric scraps, threads, patterns, paints, & cards. You get the picture!

One thing is for sure ~ I thank Pinterest and all those fellow bloggers for the inspiration! Hopefully this room will inspire some as well!

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