Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Every morning, I grab a cup of tea and head outside to our front yard garden and look at the plants while Charlie, (our really big pup), sniffs about. And lately, I have noticed we have quite a few hummingbirds in the area.  I know that this post is neither about gardening, crafting, or stitching, but I couldn't help but share these amazing little images with all of you! These pics were taken over the course of two days and the best part was catching them on film for the girls. Because... you never know when you might see a fairy riding on the back!

This was the oddest shot by far. Weighing less than a penny, they
look like they fly sideways.

In that area of hosta's, I also planted phlox, echinacea, & hollyhock
shown at the top of this post. I think they really love the flowers! 

My favorite picture!

Happy trails till next time friends!
Here's to hoping summer does not fly as fast these birds!

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