Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Tree:)

Once again we visited our friendly near by farmer for some Christmas tree shopping:) This year.... the unlikely occurred. Weather in the 50's??? Yup, I couldn't believe it either! The girls had their usual fun, chasing the chickens and running around the grounds. Farmer Jim is great in that he has dedicated much of his time re-inventing these little homes and barns into mini historical museums. Every year, he adds something new. This time, it was a green house and some century clothing displayed in the various rooms. Here's a look at another fun filled trip finding our perfect tree.

I love this Nativity set!

A little display nestled on top of our old chest.
It lights up and plays Christmas music.
Thank goodness for extra quilt batting! 
This is the first year I can honestly say the girls did most of the decorating ~
and they did such a great job!

The rubber boots have been washed, the tree decorated, and the house smells on divine pine.
Here's to loving the holidays & a beautiful tree:)

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