Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bow Making 101

There's no better time to re-introduce this forgotten & clever tool more than now. With presents getting wrapped and Christmas shopping galore, Janell's Dial-a-Bow makes a perfect return for some holiday cheer! Our super sweet neighbor passed this handy tool along to my girls. The set came complete with gorgeous, vintage, satin & velvet ribbon. I spent the morning playing around and creating some beautiful bows thanks to a well kept guide. Who says it's for kids? I loved it! Ya know, I hear bow making used to be quite the crafty thing. And yeah, even though you can get a giant bow bag for 99 cents, it's not quite the same as making them yourself. So.... here's a look at some experimental bow making:)

The clear plastic top in the removal pin which holds your bow together.

My first bow

The bow is created upside down.  When complete, just press on the red dial
and your bow pops right off!

Getting the hang of it!

I'm still trying to master the rose bow and I think the key is thinner ribbon!

You can find bow makers at great prices & the pins are still available for purchase too!
Check out Ebay & Etsy before you head to your local craft store!

Here's to making what's outside the box just as important as the inside:)

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