Monday, December 9, 2013

Some More Bows & A Door Swag

Making ribbons has come to an overhaul. I ended my "bow time" with some cute fabric bows made from left over material. Aren't they adorable? I started by cutting thin strips, (less than an inch), and applying fusible interfacing to the wrong side. I used small shears to snip the fabric where I would originally 'puncture' them. The slits eliminated the cause from broken pins. (And yes, fused fabric is so durable that it can break plastic pins if enough pressure is applied. Sincerely, the women who broke three just to be sure.)

I think these will be cute to send out with my aprons! But... I will add that next time, I'll cut with pinking shears for a zig zag look to the bow. Wouldn't it be soo cute?

And if you can't get enough green and are feeling a little crafty ~ I know the perfect fix. Check out these little door swags made from our trimmed tree branches, sage, lavender, and wild berries. Making these were a cinch and didn't cost a penny! 

Happy Trails to Happy Holidays!

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