Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time to Catch Up

A little post about what we've been up too... and then some!

Empire apples have been sliced & diced! We're making sure these yummy chips stay stocked over winter thanks to the dehydrator I've inherited:) They resemble the tangy flavor of fruit roll ups but are a ton healthier!
Yay! The pumpkin has been harvested!
The girls couldn't believe how big it had gotten & how fast.

Below, furniture... currently up for debate.
What color to paint this sideboard? 
I think this would be a great project to take on in Spring, when refreshing will be of importance.

 Crown Princess Margareta ~ Last roses of the season.
They still smell Heavenly.

A new pattern and a gorgeous bundle from Sprightly Fabrics.

Some undergarment testing. So far so good.
(The real purpose: These knickers would make a pretty
cute high waisted bikini.)
Can't wait to post this fun quick sew!

With Halloween just days away, we finally got our costumes all together.
At a time when most mother's are taking creativity to the fullest, I have been honoring
the store bought versions. I know, the guilty secrets of a crafty mom.
Now....onto other things like chocolate cake ~ Check out Clementine & Clove for a timeless recipe!
Happy Trails!

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