Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make It!

Why buy it when it's so simple to make it yourself. Right? I came across these adorable headbands at the mall and knew that they would be a great project to show on the blog. The greatest part, you can customize them to match perfectly with your threads. And... you can even use up fabric strips and scraps you no-longer have use for. I'm all about using up everything! So here's how it goes. You may recognize the fabric from the dress I made my daughter last summer. When I find a good deal on fabric, I buy alot:)

You will need 1/2 inch wide elastic cut at 5 inches. The elastic could be wider, but
remember that this is the part that will go at the base of your head.
Anything too bulky will be uncomfortable.
Start by cutting your fabric 3 1/2" wide by 58" long.
Cut off 12 inches and put aside.
Take the remainder of your fabric, fold it in half and cut again.
You should have 3 pieces of fabric.
1 at 12 inches & 2 at 23 inches
Take each piece and serge or sew them length wise with the face fabric inside.
Reverse them right side out so that anything that was stitched is now inwards.
Take your 12 inch strip and place the elastic inside.

You can see below how I folded the fabric.
Stitch an inch ~ length wise and then across twice to secure the
elastic from moving. 

Do this to both sides.
You should end up with a little piece of ruffled fabric with elastic inside.
Take the 23 inch strips and fold them into eachother.
Don't make a knot.
Leave the ends open.
Fold the ends inward so that no fabric can fray.

Working on one side, take your ruffled elastic piece
and insert it into one opened end.
You should insert the elastic far enough that the cross you
stitched does not show.

Sew them together. Add the loose piece on top and
following the same line, stitch again.
Once you've done it to both sides, you are complete!

That's it!
I really don't like to take pictures of myself, but what good would a project demo
be without the finished project being used?
I love my new headband and it's super comfy:)
A few things that are good to know:
1. stick with stretchy fabric
2. if it contains a higher percentage of cotton than elastic,
decrease your measurement from 58" to 56"
3. with all the fleece going on sale, this would be a great project to do
with multiple colors and you wouldn't have to finish any ends:)
4. elaborate ~ how cute would adding 3 matching buttons to one side look?
Hope you enjoyed this fast & fun project!
May the month of crafting be with you:)
Happy Trails:)

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