Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush."
~ Doug Larson 
I came across this quote and felt it pretty much summed up our weather here in Ohio. We had a few days of warmth before jack frost came back. And by warm, I mean 60's:) It made my butt hit the outdoors and clean up some brush and prune back some trees. I brought in lilac branches that I just didn't have the heart to pitch. I figured..... eh, maybe they'll grow.
Take a look!


We'll see if they continue to grow.
a seed finally erupts:)
 On another note....
We were lucky enough to tackle a paint job prior to the flu visiting our house.
My older daughter decided that it was time for a bedroom makeover. (And she was right. It was something I've been hesitating for awhile....a looong overdue paint job.) Idea became reality.  I realized why I was procrastinating as the yellow walls changed and the fairy decals were removed. I could feel my heart slowly sinking.... She's growing up and the time is moving so quickly. The new color is a beautiful, turquoise, minty green. Now it's really 'her room'. I love it and I think she gets her unique style from me;) But..... I still walk by and do a double take. It just looks so much 'older.' Ahhh changes....
Future projects: curtains for her room, a little make-up bag... and of course more aprons! 
To new beginnings and fresh starts~
Happy Spring:) 

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