Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello National Craft Month!


Stamping, stickers, sewing, & scissors! What can be better for a crafter than a month dedicated to do-it yourselfers? I'm sure all you creators are excited to browse the internet in hopes of finding new projects. Or as I say, something to spark a new project. The month of March proves great sales and special offers at all those crafty based stores. However, shop cautiously. Past experience has proved that mark ups are put into effect before mark downs. What else is going on, you ask? I'm excited about the quilting & sewing expo this month and starting a 'couple' seeds indoors. I have a sewing to-do list that is huge and almost never seems to shrink, even when a project gets crossed off. Between all the usual, I've decided to take a wing at a vintage lingerie pattern. I'm praying it goes good and that I'll have a fun post to share with you in the near future. I should really start taking some photos of all the projects I've mentioned on The Mint Needle & have forgotten to share. Spring is definitely around the corner as the daffodils have officially begun their climb out of winter sleep and the tree buds are starting to get bigger. I love it! Bring on the sun! And a quick break from the dreary, rainy/snowy weather involved a trip to Pier 1 where I was engulfed in bright colors, fluorescent lights, and reggae music. Ahh... it was so wonderful. Scoring this great deal on espresso coffee cups in my favorite color & a gorgeous print. I thought I was dreaming:)
Happy Trails:)

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