Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we've been up to....

We are only in the second week of January and I could already feel the clouds of "to-do" thickening as I type these words. "Goals to be achieved in 2013" or let's say house projects:) And instead of frustrating myself with time constraints, I thought I'd add a little post on what's been going on.
My little one turned six! Hooray! In her words, "We've moved onto counting on the next hand." And I know every mother says it, but I really can't believe how fast time flies.
We celebrated our Orthodox Christmas with family & good food. I love when the dining room is all done up with pretty plates and table linens. Unlike last years post, I didn't share a picture of the holy bread I decorated. I definitely will have to post that sometime soon. It was beautiful!
Our "little" Charlie turned 1 yesterday, which made celebrating Christmas that much sweeter:)
We've battled two ear infections, an injured paw, and inches of snow all while festivities were in full effect. Could you say, better timing? 
 We look forward to a birthday bash honoring my hubby turning the big 4-0......
we are officially back to school. It's too quiet in the house:)
Happy Trails till next time:)

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